Greetings Parents. This page has been constructed specifically to help you navigate this wikispace AND to answer your FAQs. If you have additional questions, please ask your student, consult the course syllabus, or email Mr. Spotts at

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: When are the ISAT tests?
Answer: Science, Math and Literacy ISAT tests will be taken February 28 - March 11, 2011.

Question: Why are we doing the Friday Bust Outs (AKA Remix Friday)?
Answer: Students are divided not by homeroom on Fridays but by their need to either get a concept retaught (remediation) or their need to move ahead (enrichment). So far the data we've collected from students shows that it's working!

Question: What is the latest update on the Science Fair?
Answer: Science Fair is officially over! Congratulations and Thanks go out to all of our Innovator Students and Parents! Turn your attention now to the next CGW Signature Project: Living Museum!

Question: How can I tell if my child has homework?
Answer: Ask your student to bring out the planner. Every day your student spends the first 4 minutes of each class writing the daily homework assignments in his/her planner.

Question: How can I get in touch with my child's teachers?
Answer: All CGW staff can be reached by phone or by email. The school phone number is (773) 624-0700.

Question: What is this "Week In Review" I keep hearing about?
Answer: Every Friday students will have a Week In Review (WIR) sheet to complete over the weekend. Ideally you will read through the WIR with your student, have a conversation about what's going on in science class, and then you'll sign it. If you have questions or comments, there is space made available on the WIR for you to add comments.

Question: How do I check on my child's grades and/or attendance?
Answer: PowerSchool entries are updated by me bi-weekly at least, and attendance for every period is recorded daily. .

OTHER QUESTIONS? Email them to Mr. Spotts so they can be posted and answered on this page!