Greetings! Use resources on this page to help you out with the cells part of our unit on the Characteristics of Living Things (COLT).
Most Recent Additions:

Simple but Excellent Bill Nye on history of photosynthesis experiments

March of the Chloroplasts

Check out this FANTASTIC example of the Cells Choice Work from Khari!

Here is the assignment description and rubric.

Coming up shortly:

Diffusion and Osmosis from the Khan Academy

Mitosis and Meiosis from the Khan Academy

Parts of the Cell from the Khan Academy

Raw Footage for Cell Cycle RAFT Prompt Option #1

Files you'd like to look at again

Websites for you to check out
Interactive Cells Website
Cell Craft from CBS
NSF Cell Tour
Cell Size and Scale
Owners Guide to a Cell
Inside a Cell Tour
Virtual Cell Tour
Cell Image Library

Video clips for your perusal

The Cell Cycle (Interphase + Mitosis + Cytokinesis)
Advanced Understanding: Play the game at this link!