Use the "Claim, Evidence and Reasoning" (CER) format to ramp up your scientific explanations!
CER is a way of writing a scientific explanation where you support a claim with evidence and tie the evidence to the claim with reasoning. There are 3 parts.

Claim (C) = A statement that answers a question or a problem
Evidence (E) = Facts that support your claim (must be appropriate and sufficient)
Reasoning (R) = Your explanation that connects the evidence to the claim. Each piece of evidence gets a reason.
R involves an explanation of the scientific principles that support your claim.

Here is a Powerpoint Presentation from CER authors that I received at the NSTA conference. All credit goes to J. Krajcik and K. McNeill.

Files we are using in class

This link HERE takes you to an article I read to try and teach the CER strategy better.